Upholstery Cleaning Service

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is the thing that makes furniture comfortable. Unfortunately, it is also the part of furniture that gathers dust, dirt, and stains, and tends to be quite tricky to clean properly.

With our Upholstery Cleaning service, you can enjoy your soft comfortable furniture looking and feeling brand new without having to bother with cleaning it yourselves. Our experienced professionals will use all their expertise, sophisticated tools, and specialized detergents to clean up and freshen up your furniture, making sure it’s as clean and cozy as possible.


What is included:

We will wipe down your furniture with special cleaning agents, then perform a deep clean with sophisticated tools and specialized detergents, taking extra care to do away with stains, spots, and other blemishes, though we can’t give 100% guarantee the stains will be totally removed. Finally, we will freshen up the upholstery. Our advice is if accidentally you get a spot of a stain, don’t treat it yourself, just contact us asap. 

Our cleaners are not responsible for lifting or moving the furniture. Please kindly make sure you have a person on site to move them.

Carpet Cleaning Machine Lifting £10 If there isn’t a lift in your building, we charge £10 per floor for carrying the machine.



No, our cleaning professionals will take care of everything. Properly cleaning upholstery is a very particular task that requires specialized tools that we have at our disposal, and will bring on-site to take care of the job.

Yes, we could. However, keep in mind that the specialized tools we have can’t always be used with every sort of detergent. Be sure to speak to our representative about this when you book your Upholstery Cleaning service.

Yes, we can. Our cleaning professionals are well versed in cleaning all types of furniture and will do their utmost to make sure your upholstery is as clean as it can be.

We will certainly try to do so. Our carpet cleaning professionals will use the most sophisticated tools and specialized detergents to make sure your furniture is as clean and spotless as possible. Still, be mindful that stains caused by some substances can bond with the fabric of the furniture. Stains such as these are sometimes impossible to remove completely.

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