Office Cleaning Service

Professional Office Cleaning

A clean, neat office space is crucial for both the well-being and the productivity of the employees working in it. With so many people having access and going in and out all the time, this could be quite a difficult thing to manage.

Fortunately, maintaining a clean and welcoming office space is a breeze with our Office Cleaning service. Our cleaning team will do everything possible to make sure your office is as hygienic and pleasant to work in as possible.


What is included:

Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all rooms – we will dust every room, hoover, and mop all floors. We will empty all the waste bins and replace the bin bags. We will wipe down every reachable surface, including the desks. We will, wipe down all the light switches and door handles. We will disinfect all surfaces.

Cleaning the kitchen area – we will wash, dry, and stow the dishes and clean the sink.

Disinfecting the Bathroom – we will mop, clean, and thoroughly disinfect the bathroom, paying extra attention to toilet bowls, sinks, and bathroom mirrors.

  • Office Cleaning £18 per hour


Our team will need a vacuum cleaner, mop, and detergent to clean your office. You can provide those for us, or let our team bring their own in to do the job. The latter option carries an additional fee. Be sure to speak to our representative about this when you book your Office Cleaning service.

We can bring professional antibacterial cleaning detergents at extra fee of £7.

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