Deep Cleaning Service

Professional Deep Cleaning

Sometimes, when there’s a lot of dirt to go around, getting rid of it becomes more than a chore. When the dirt is just too much or is everywhere, you could use a professional’s assistance in getting rid of all the filth. Our Deep Clean service is an ideal way to deal with situations in which a routine cleaning would just not suffice.

Our cleaning professionals have a wealth of experience in removing all sorts of dirt from every possible surface. If you book a deep clean, you’ll get much more than a regular dusting and freshening up of your home. We will use all our expertise to make sure as clean as it can ever be by the time we are done with the cleaning.

deep cleaning service

What is included:

Cleaning Every Room – we will dust all the furniture, remove all cobwebs, meticulously clean all the light switches, mop all the non-carpeted floor surfaces & hoover all the carpets. We will also clean glass surfaces and polish all the mirrors.

 We can clean the windows and the window sills, but it will take more time. 

Sanitizing the Bathroom – we will scrub, rinse and disinfect every tile, fitting, and recess in your bathroom. 

We will pay extra attention to the bathtub, shower, sink, and bowl.

Scrubbing the Kitchen – we will scrub your kitchen sink until it shines, clean and stovetop, and clean the cupboards outside and inside if you wish. We will clean splash-back, wipe down your microwave.

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Our team is not responsible of moving the furniture hence please keep in mind there should be a person to support our professionals.

Yes, we can do that, if you wish us to do so.

Yes, we can. Ovens usually accumulate filth that is difficult to clean, and doing so thoroughly usually requires special detergent and tools. This is why we offer oven cleaning as a separate service, that you can book independently of Deep Cleaning Service.

Yes, we specialise in all types of cleaning. If you book us to clean after a party, we will do all of the above, plus wash the dishes, collect and take out all the waste. Furthermore, we will make sure to pay extra close attention to the spots that tend to accumulate the most filth in similar situations. These extra services will be reflected in the final cleaning fee. Be sure to speak to our representative about it when you book your Deep Cleaning service.

No, we don’t have a policy of inspecting locations before we arrange a Deep Cleaning service. However, we can request that the customer provide us with pictures of the property before we take up the task so that we can come prepared. Be sure to let us know if you think that some part of the cleanup will be particularly challenging when you book the cleaning.

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