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Professional Oven Cleaning

Ovens are notoriously difficult to clean. They tend to quickly accumulate sticky grime, nasty spots, and blotches of burned grease that are unpleasant to look at and unhygienic. Sanitizing them is usually a chore and a half because they’re seldom the most convenient appliance to scrub, and due to the nature of the filth that sticks to them.

Our Oven Clean service will take care of all of those issues for you, and will allow you to enjoy cooking in an oven that’s both sanitary and pleasant to look at. We will wipe it down and scour every last bit of dirt from it, and when we’re done it will be as clean as it was when was first installed.


What is included:

Thorough oven cleaning – we will scrub your oven until it is spotless. We will thoroughly disinfect it inside and out. If you’d like us to clean the outer sides of the oven, it has to be moved it in advance. We will carefully clean all the buttons, dials, and panels and degrease them. We will wipe down the whole oven and remove all the stains from every part of it, then polish it until it shines.

If you have a big oven, our team is not responsible of moving it to clean the sides hence please support our professionals when they are on site.


Ovens are tricky to clean, and require some special detergents to scrub and polish properly, as well as gloves and other specialized tools. Just let our professional cleaners bring them along when they come along to do the job. Be sure to speak to our representative about this when you book your Oven Cleaning service.

Yes, we can. Some ovens have dials, buttons, and even panels that we can remove for thorough cleaning. If this is the case with your oven, we will take them off and soak them in a specialized extra-strong degreasing agent and then rinse them clean, dry them and reassemble them. If your oven can’t be disassembled, we will use special detergents to remove all the filth from the dials and buttons while they are still attached, and then polish them until they are spotless.

Yes, we can. We can clean any oven.

Yes, you can! We even offer discounts for regular customers. Be sure to ask for more details when you speak to our representative about booking an Oven Cleaning service.

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