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Having a vehicle that is clean and fresh will improve your driving experience and that of your passengers. However, to clean your car, SUV, or bus to perfection, you will need the services of a professional car wash. Only true specialists will make sure to pay attention to every little detail and ensure your vehicle is as clean and shiny as you want it to be.

Fortunately, Adiss Cleaning has you covered – our team will visit you on your address . We offer comprehensive car cleaning, washing, waxing, and polishing solutions for vehicle interiors and exteriors, and pride ourselves on providing a first-class service, befitting of the elegance and beauty of the vehicles we work with. Hire us if you require deep, thorough, and careful cleaning of absolutely every detail of your vehicle and we will make sure it looks like it was bought yesterday.


What is included:

Exterior Washing and Waxing – We will wash your vehicle with a special car shampoo and apply a waxing agent with a neutral PH, followed by the cleaning of the external parts of your windows and manual drying and polishing. You count on us to clean the wheels and we can also apply a tire protector, at your request.

Exterior and Interior Washing and Waxing – This package adds a thorough interior cleaning that includes polishing all windows, vacuuming the whole car, including the trunk, upholstery, and mats. Also, we will polish all internal and external plastic cladding and the dashboard, and offer you different fragrances, at your request.

External and Interior Washing, Waxing, and Polishing – This package includes everything from Exterior and Interior Washing and Waxing combined with hand varnishing.

Mini Shampoo Valet – Our mini shampoo valeting includes the washing and waxing but we also apply a special shampoo to clean the roof, trunk, carpets, doormats, panels, and all leather & fabric upholstery. In addition, we will deep clean and freshen up the seats, removing stains and unwanted odors.

Full Valet – This package includes all the procedures from the Mini Shampoo Valet, together with polishing. Full Valet gives you the best in terms of price and quality.

Full Valet Plus – With this option, you add external machine polishing or pasteurization for every part of your vehicle to the Full Valet package. Machine polishing will remove the scratches and conceal faded paint, returning the strong gloss to the paint and restoring its coating. You will also get internal cleaning from ceiling to floor, including the spare tire compartment and the salon seats, mats, carpets, and rack.

Wheel Cleaning – We can clean your wheels either with a special acid that breaks down layered dirt stains or with a pressure washer. While applying acid can damage the enamel of some new rims, it is more effective than the pressure washing method.

Engine Cleaning – We are engine cleaning specialists who work with new and retro cars. If you really want to see your car clean then don’t forget to have us clean your engine as well.

Machine Polishing – This service is available for the entire exterior of your car or individual details. Machine polishing reduces and removes paint scratches, swirl marks, and uneven & damaged paint, and will help your return the gloss of your car.

Cabriolet Roof Cleaning Plus Protection – We can clean your soft roof from mould, tree sap, and many other contaminants, including natural and synthetic fabric stains. The service also includes soft roof rain protector application after the cleaning. We will apply a proper protector that will guard the soft roof of your cabriolet from water exposure, thus preventing heavy soiling.

Anti-virus & Antibacterial Cleaning – With us, you can protect your vehicle from germs and viruses. We will apply a powerful antiviral and antibacterial solution that kills all microorganisms that may live on the interior surfaces of your vehicles.

  • Exterior Washing and Waxing £15

    With car shampoo and waxing agent with a neutral PH

  • Exterior and Interior Washing and Waxing £25

    With car shampoo and waxing agent with a neutral PH

  • External and Interior Washing, Waxing, and Polishing £55

    With car shampoo and waxing agent with a neutral PH, AQUAWAX

  • Mini Shampoo Valet £110

    With car shampoo and waxing agent with a neutral PH

  • Full Valet £125

    With car shampoo and waxing agent with a neutral PH, AQUAWAX

  • Full Valet Plus £220

    With car shampoo and waxing agent with a neutral PH, AQUAWAX

  • Wheel Cleaning £15 per wheel
  • Engine Cleaning Call Us
  • Machine Polishing Call Us
  • Cabriolet Roof Cleaning Plus Protection £80

    Protector application

  • Anti-virus & Antibacterial Cleaning £25

    Antiviral and antibacterial solution

  • Floor £15
  • Pons £10
  • Seats £60


Yes, we charge and additional price for jeeps, small buses, large buses, and buses that carry up to a maximum of twelve people.

Our prices include water and electricity from our customers but if you want us to use our own generator & water tank, we can accommodate the request at an additional price.

The highly effective disinfectant we use kills 100% of the harmful bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses quickly and safely, protecting you and your loved ones and leaving a fresh, citrus aroma in your vehicle.

The AQUAWAX wax is ideal for external cleaning and we apply it manually. The AQUAWAX protects against water and chipping and safeguards the paintwork for several weeks. Another benefit of this product is that it can be applied even if the car is wet.

While the decision is up to you, both methods have their pros and cons. Acid cleaning uses a special acid that breaks down layered dirt stains and burnt pads but there is a danger of damaging the enamel of new rims. On the other hand, pressure washing the wheels may not remove absolutely everything but we will do everything necessary to ensure they look brilliantly clean.

Unfortunatelly, we don’t clean infant car seats. If fact, before we start with our services, we will gently remove the baby car seat and leave it for you to assemble it to avoid any risks.

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