Regular Cleaning Service

Professional Regular Cleaning

In our busy lives, it’s easy to put off or neglect house cleaning. Our Regular Cleaning service is designed to help our customers with this issue. Regular Cleaning is the go-to service if you need your entire home cleaned up quickly and efficiently.

Our trained professional personnel will relieve you of all your regular cleaning tasks, leaving you free to pursue more important goals. Using our Regular cleaning service will allow you to enjoy the comfort of living in a clean home without breaking a sweat.


What is included:

We will dust all reachable surfaces, empty the bins, hoover and mop the floors of all the rooms in your home. We’ll clean the skirting boards and remove the cobwebs. 

Freshening Up the Bedrooms – we will polish your mirrors, as well as wipe all skirting boards. We can also change the bedding if you prefer. 

Disinfecting the Kitchen – we will wipe and sanitize all surfaces, do the washing up, clean hobs and splash-back, wipe down your microwave, and wipe all cupboard doors. 

Dusting the Living Room – we will polish all reachable surfaces, wipe all furniture. We’ll tidy up. 

Cleaning the Hallways and Staircases – we will wipe all the skirting boards and banisters. 

Cleaning the Bathroom –We will pay attention to the bathtub, shower, sink, and bowl. 

Our team is not responsible of moving the furnitures hence please keep in mind there should be a person to support our professionals.

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Since we value our customers’ right to choose, it is customary for our business to use the tools and materials preferred and provided by the customer. As such, customers will need to provide the cleaning professional with a mop, a vacuum cleaner, and the types of detergents that they wish us to use in the cleaning process.

Yes, we can. Bringing our own tools and professional products carries an additional fee. Be sure to speak to our representative about this when you book your clean.

Yes, we can. Thoroughly cleaning and freshening up refrigerators is a service we provide, which carries an additional fee. Be sure to speak to our representative about it when you book your clean.

Yes, we can. Ovens are notoriously difficult to clean, and doing so thoroughly often requires special detergents and tools. For this reason, we offer oven cleaning as a separate service. You can book an Oven Cleaning service separately from, as well as in addition to, regular cleaning.

Not at all. Our expert cleaners will have no issues getting all of the fur out of your home. However, you should keep in mind that thoroughly removing every last bit of fur from furniture can take a bit more time and effort than just freshening things up. This extra cleaning effort – probably about half an hour or so – will be reflected in your final bill. Be sure to speak to our representative about it when you book your clean.

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