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Rugs are the bits of interior design that add the most to the coziness of a room. They can allow you to add your personal touch to any room and fill it with comfort – but unfortunately, they are also quite difficult to clean and maintain.

Fortunately, you can enjoy clean, fresh rugs without having to clean them yourself, thanks to our Rug Cleaning service. Our team of professional cleaners will make sure that your rugs are cleansed of all dirt, dust, and spots and are as crisp and comfortable as they can possibly be.


What is included.

On-site Rug Cleaning – we will come to your house and use specialized professional carpet cleaning machines and special detergents to scour all traces of dirt and dust from the top side of your rug or carpet. Our specialists are adept at carefully removing stains from all sorts of rugs and carpets, and will use steam, hot water, and specialized rug care products to make your rugs shine. 



Nothing. Our professional cleaners will be bringing all the tools and detergents they need when they pay you a visit. You don’t have to do or provide anything to benefit from the Rug Cleaning service.

On-site cleaning is often more convenient for our customers, as it offers speed as well as a quality cleaning, and is excellent for routine cleaning and freshening up of rugs. Off-site cleaning involves us taking your rug to our facility, thoroughly cleaning it inside and out with sophisticated tools and detergents, then drying it thoroughly and returning it to you. This is a deeper, more comprehensive type of cleaning, but it takes a bit more time.

We will certainly try to do so. Our professional rug cleaners will use the most sophisticated tools and specialized detergents to try and make sure your rug is as clean and spotless as possible. However, please keep in mind that some substances can bond with the fabric of the rug. Тhe stains those substances produce can never be removed from the rug completely.

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